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HS Ad( is a part of LG Group, whose headquarter locates in Seoul, South Korea. HS Ad is a global advertising agency with 14 worldwide offices. Its business includes ATL, BTL, media planning & buying, digital media, event, space design, exhibition, and retail planning.

HS Ad France office (Legal name: GIIR Germany GmbH) is looking for the following position:

ISM Project Manager (m/f)

Tasks and Responsibilities

The ISM (In-Store Marketing) Project Manager is responsible for planning and directing diverse projects.

 Execute various projects within certain schedules

 Manage display production from planning to installation

 Develop customized shop display with designers according to clients’ requirements

 Find proper design solutions aligned with the global design guideline

 Coordinate projects with diverse suppliers and stakeholders

 Manage and negotiate cost and production of diverse displays

 Create and share reports regularly concerning shop display

 Communicate closely with LG subsidiaries

Required Qualification

 Minimum Bachelor’s degree in a relevant major

 Knowledge on shop display and in-store marketing as a plus

 Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously

 Structured problem solving skills

 Ability to communicate with various counterparties (vendors and clients)

 Ability to work cross-functionally in a team

 Client-oriented mind-set

 Excellent computer skills (MS Office)

 Ability to communicate in French and Korean

 English language is considered as a plus


We look forward to receiving your CV. Please state your visa status, expected salary (annual salary before tax) and earliest possible entry date. You can submit your application to

HSAd France/GIIR Germany GmbH

117 Avenue des Nations, 93420 Villepinte, France


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    HS Ad Job Offer

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