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Digital Channel Marketing Specialist


This top in-house advertising agency of a global top electronics brand with global network is recruiting Digital Channel Marketing Specialist to lead the business in its next phase of growth.

The Digital Channel Marketing Specialist is responsible for developing, executing and measuring digital marketing activities with major retailers for the client. This includes all digital aspects of joint program development, branding campaigns, promotions, and direct marketing. This person will work very closely with both the client and the retailers; mainly account managers and digital marketing managers. 



Key Responsibilities 


- Increase the client’s product visibility and sales at online retailer website. 

- As an agency people, lead the client by working closely with the product marketing team, the sales team, and the digital marketing team. 

- Assess the current situation and Develop Digital Channel Marketing strategy based on strong understanding of each type of online channel such as “Pure online” and “Hybrid online”. 

- Find any issues or problems on client’s e-commerce marketing aspect and propose the solution to the client for various purposes such as driving more traffic in client’s product page on retailer website, enhancing product contents and leading more conversions. 

- Develop and implement digital co-marketing activities with retailers to lead more sales during sales-high season or New Product Launch - Build positive and strong partnership with retailers to obtain more support from them. 

- Obtain and Manage Key data of e-commerce such as traffic, conversion, and in-house share of the product category in the retailer website. 

- Set up and manage KPI with client’s request or needs and report to them by bi-week or month. 



Details of work scope


a. Develop, Execute, and Monitor Digital Co-Marketing Activities


- Develop and execute annual/seasonal co-marketing and co-promotional plan, and support sales team in the negotiation of co-marketing programs and preparation for business meetings and marketing updates.

- Manage channel marketing budget and expenses including forecast accuracy.

- Provide co-marketing activity reports, and analyze ROI on all executed activities.


b. Manage Product Information in the retailer’s website


- Plan and manage digital contents delivery to the retailer’s website, mainly providing product information, digital assets, and material requested by the retailers.

- Manage requests by the specific retailers related to the contents in the retailer’s website, working closely with internal teams of the clients and the headquarters.

- Identify opportunities in improving the current product contents delivery process of the client, and provide recommendation to the client and headquarters.

- Improve exposure of the client’s brand and products in the retailer’s website through internal search optimization and negotiation for placement in the retailer’s website.


c. Generate Consumer Reviews


- Generate ideas to increase consumer reviews in the retailer website, develop an action plan, and execute the planned activities.

- Find retailer specific review programs such as invitation only review program based on the retailer membership, negotiate the better deal, and execute the activities.

- Design promotion plans to generate consumer review, considering the local regulation, and execute the plan. 



Preferred time of work start 

July - September, 2020 




- At least 3 years of work experience in Digital marketing 

- Experiences of managing Amazon platform with consumer electronics is plus 

- Excellent communication, negotiation, and organization skills 

- Proactive to identify opportunities and issues, and embraces accountability 

- Ability to multitask, manage, prioritize and produce results quickly and keen to learn 

- University degree or above 

- Advanced IT Skills in office program like Excel and PowerPoint 

- Native French and fluent in English or Korean is a plus 




We look forward to receiving your CV. Please state your visa status and earliest possible entry date. You can submit your application to 



HSAd France/GIIR Germany GmbH 

117 Avenue des Nations, 93420 Villepinte, France

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